How We Help Our Partners

One-stop Food Service Provider

Siam Food Services partners with restaurants of every size, from small businesses to multinational chains. And we provide the services to move your customer relations from good to great – to ensure your customers keep coming back to you. Whether you’re looking for training materials, food cost advantages, service ideas, or new additions to your menu, we have the services, solutions and expertise. It’s because we treat our customers as business partners

siamfoodservices partnership
siamfoodservices partnership

We Provide Customization Services

Meat, Seafood and Dairy

Keep your business streamlined by outsourcing butchery and fish preparation to our experts. From butchery and meat marinating, to packaging meat and seafood in easy-to-use packaging, we provide powerful solutions. They give you the power to control costs, reduce complexity, reduce waste and increase your business efficiency. Tell us what you need, and we can customize for you.

Menu and Product Development

Our corporate chefs and food scientists create solutions to support your business goals. Our menu and product development process can include a full assessment of your restaurant operations, from costing and design to recipes and equipment technology. Or we can suggest new menu items to complement your existing menu. For food products, we can create new product prototypes and commercialized bench samples.

siamfoodservices partnership
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