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In Italy, one name is famous for authentic Italian salami, prosciutto, air-cured pork, air-cured beef, bacon, mortadella and sausages – Fratelli Beretta from Milan. Thanks to decades of experience and a dedication to great local ingredients, Fratelli Beretta exports excellent Italian traditional dried meats to over 40 countries.
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A network of “truffle hunters” in Italy gather Geofoods wild white truffles and black truffles for gourmands and chefs. Geofoods also innovate truffle products, such as preserved, sliced truffles and top-quality truffle oils, formulated for kitchen professionals.
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The motto of Labeyrie is “Leaders in premium and trendy foods made for sharing”. This French company is famed for smoked salmon, smoked trout, caviar, fish roe and seafood hors d’oeuvres, plus fine duck products including Foie Gras pate, duck breasts and fillets, duck confit and Iberian charcuterie.
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Founded almost a century ago, Borde are specialists in wild mushrooms, hand-picked in high mountain valleys in France. Mushrooms are supplied dehydrated, apperitized or frozen, with no artificial ingredients. Cooking solutions including Coulis, Duxelles and Fumets (juices) are also available, developed for professional use in collaboration with a Michelin-starred chef.

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