Our People

Our team is invested in positioning our company for growth with a combination of strong food service experience and business sense, plus a dedication to excellence.
Preeyada Sripiboon​

Managing Director

Ekthida Seriratwiphachai​

Commercial Director​

Surada Chantarakhumphu​

Deputy Sales Director​

Natthee Siripitaya

Senior BI Manager

La-Ong Wanyaso​

Senior Logistics Manager

Theeranuch Phonphai​

Customer Services Manager​

Ketsarin Larpphonpoonsawat

Financial Controller

Nobporn Buabanbud

Quality Assurance Manager


Operation Manager​

Naruepon Soonkul​

Business Development Manager​

Peeraya Khamphiman

Sales Manager​

Patcharanan Amontummawut​

Sales Manager​

Monprom Tunpasit​

Sales Manager​

Kathina Ngiamjun​

Sales Manager​

Neeranuch Jindabunjerd

Sales Manager