Our Customers

Our customers span every facet of the food service industry, from independent restaurants and chains to hotels, caterers, e-commerce, retail... and more. We work to understand the unique challenges of your business and provide powerful solutions to make your business the best it can be.

Airlines & Catering

To meet the unique requirements of airlines and catering professionals, we draw on culinary innovation, state-of-the-art food technologies and our in-house culinary experts, including nutritionists and expert butchers. As well as providing a competitive product range to you, we can work closely with you on specialized menu development. We ensure all food served is consistent for quality, taste and presentation, whether it’s on the ground or 30,000 ft in the air.


Leading hotels and resorts in Thailand work with Siam Food Services because our solutions include an extensive list of products from around the world, including grocery, meat and seafood, frozen food, ready-to-eat and ambient meals. We are constantly enhancing our offerings to you with new and innovative options such as plant-based proteins, eco-friendly food packaging and menu enhancement services to suit all meal occasions.


We empower manufacturers and fuel profitable new growth by providing can-do solutions and practical action. We work with you to identify ideas for innovation, improve speed to market, apply new action steps, strengthen competitive points of difference and strengthen your relationship with trading partners. Our goal is to fuel your profitable new growth.


We serve all types of restaurants from International to local chain restaurants. To meet the growing demand for affordable and tasty food options, we tap on people-led technology. Our services include sourcing ingredients and serving equipment, menu development, food production, portioning and packaging, distribution capabilities, as well as a network of central kitchens.


Our Digital Integrated Supply Chain, warehousing and logistic fleet of specialty vehicles enables us to offer food solutions to retail clients, including supermarkets and specialist gourmet stores. We supply food and grocery products from all over the world, update customers on emerging food trends and innovate new food solutions in response to customer needs.


To increase value for wholesale clients, our offerings go beyond traditional goods. With a fully-operational butchery, we offer services such as meat and seafood value-adding and portion control. Our corporate chef services can also create new product lines for wholesale customers. Our fully integrated software platform and logistics cold-chain combines point-of-sale and inventory management to simplify your wholesale inventory. Our dedicated refrigerated courier service is equipped with GPS driver tracking and SMS alerts to ensure accurate delivery to your locations.

What Our Customers Say

"We have had the best journey with the Siam Food Services team, for the longest time. They offer a wide variety of products and deliver them reliably to us, and to millions of our customers."

Surachai Chananudej
CEO, KT Restaurants Co., Ltd.

“We have always been able to rely on your flexibility and courteous service.  Our relationship continues to develop, based on trust and fairness, and helps drive success for both organizations. Siam Food Services are more than just a supplier and we look forward to further building on our partnership.”

Tanapoln Tunpasit
Senior Vice President, Central Restaurant Group

Our Clients

The Power of Partnership

With our virtually unlimited production capability, the latest food certifications, state-of-the-art food technology, integrated logistics network and in-house culinary experts, Siam Food Services provides everything to take your business to the next level.

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